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Vinyl Sport Floor Repairs Easily and Efficiently

If you play on a vinyl floor, you know that a smooth, even surface is essential for peak performance and safety of athletes. While vinyl sport flooring provides a great experience for those who play on it, unexpected accidents and everyday wear and tear can take their toll. Luckily ZFloor Wood Flooring has the expertise to help.

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Vinyl Sport Flooring

First, at ZFloor Wood Flooring, we aim to ensure everyone experiences an enjoyable playing experience, no matter their sport. We specialize in vinyl sport floor repair in TX, AR, LA, and OK, meaning no matter your state, we have you covered.

Second, we understand that people don’t like downtime in their playing field or court, so we have a range of repair solutions to cover any issues, from small rips to extensive patchwork repairs. With our team of experts, you will understand what options are available to you and our recommended course of action.

Vinyl sport floors repairs can include:

  • Cleaning the existing flooring with the right equipment
  •  Replacing damaged tiles
  •  Resizing existing tiles with precision cuts
  •  Regrouting gap lines between tiles
  •  Seam welding patches covering large wall damages
  •  Vinyl patchwork using heat welding techniques over small tiles
  •  Restoring accessory borders such as ledge lines, end lines, or free-throw circumferences

No matter the nature of the damage or the complexity of the task, we have a wide range of solutions ready for every job. Our experts utilize only top-grade materials from prominent brands in the US and Europe.

At ZFloor Wood Flooring, we provide excellent customer service throughout your project. We pride ourselves on completing jobs quickly, saving you time and money. All while providing a safe playing environment for the athletes. Contact us today to book your vinyl sport floor repairs at 940-497-4994 or sales@zfloor.com.