Screen and Recoat Process for Maple Gym Floors

For the best results when recoating maple gym floors that have been previously coated with our PoloPlaz gym finish products, (or other brands after first checking with the manufacturer for compatibility) follow these recommended procedures:

  1. Clean the floor with full strength Poloplaz Tie Tack. Applying the solution with a towel is usually sufficient; however, you may want to use the solution with a buffing pad on smaller, extremely contaminated areas. Be sure to work on one area at a time, use small amounts of liquid for each area, and mop up the solution immediately. This will prevent the screening process from spreading contaminates.
  2. Screen the entire floor with a 120 grit screen, changing as necessary. When you can no longer see a glossy finish, the floor is thoroughly screened.
  3. Vacuum the entire floor and wipe up all side-line dust to keep it from settling on the wet finish. Using water or 100% virgin mineral spirits, tack the floor with a clean wet towel multiple times until the entire floor is clean. (Hint, a dark towel makes it easier to see when the dirt is completely lifted from the floor.) Let the floor dry completely before proceeding to the next step, average drying time is 30-45 minutes but could be longer in humid weather.
  4. Turn off all air-conditioning/heat and pilot lights. If for some reason, the HVAC can not be turned off, block all ducts so airflow is reduced to an absolute minimum. Apply Poloplaz finish @ 500 sq ft./gallon. Depending on the product you choose, one coat may be sufficient (we recommend World Class or Magnum). You should be able to tell after the first coat if you need to apply a second.
  5. If you are using water based products (Express or Dominator), plan on two coats. You must stay off the floor for three days and can resume play after seven days with World Class. Stay off the floor for two days and can resume play after three days with Magnum or waterborne products.
  6. To help maintain your beautiful finish, install walk off mats, allow only tennis shoes on the floor, and maintain the floor regularly with Poloplaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner. NEVER clean your gym floor using scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers that use water under pressure. Water is your floor’s worst enemy!
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Content provided by PoloPlaz Screen and Recoat

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