Vinyl Sport Floor Repairs

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Connor Sport Grain Plus Vinyl in Southlake, TX

Vinyl Sport Floor Repairs Easily and Efficiently If you play on a vinyl floor, you know that a smooth, even surface is essential for peak performance and safety of athletes. While vinyl sport flooring provides a great experience for those who play on it, unexpected accidents and everyday wear and tear can take their toll. Luckily ZFloor Wood Flooring has … Read More

Expert Services for Floor Removal, Repair, and Demolition

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Floor Demolition and Repair

Z Floor is a leading commercial floor removal, repair, and demolition company specializing in a wide range of flooring services. We offer a range of services for commercial properties, including concrete grinding, mastic removal, concrete leveling, vinyl tile removal, wood floor demolition, ceramic tile demolition, luxury vinyl tile removal, asbestos removal, and sports court demolition. Floor Demolition One of our … Read More

Concrete Grinding Services from Z Floor: Achieving a Smoother Surface

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Concrete Grinding

At Z Floor, we understand the importance of maintaining smooth and even concrete surfaces. We offer expert concrete grinding services to prepare your surfaces for coatings, sealers, and daily use. Our skilled operators use specialized equipment, including a concrete grinder with a rotating diamond-tipped blade, to remove layers of concrete and smooth out rough or uneven surfaces. This process can … Read More