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Gym floors can be used for various athletics and events, including basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and musical performances. Unfortunately, these surfaces can sometimes be dangerous for athletes due to slips, trips, and falls that may occur. To ensure the safety of sports players and general public users of gyms, the use of gym floor covers provides secure and reliable protection.

Reliable Gym Surfaces

At ZFloor Sports Flooring, we understand the need for safe and reliable gym surfaces. That’s why we have a wide selection of gym floor covers that provide safe playing surfaces in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. These covers offer protection against:

  • Impact – floor covers help absorb impact better than an uncovered floor.
  • Slipping – a special non-slip coating reduces the risks of sliding on a gym floor.
  • Cracking – floor covers provide an extra layer of protection against damage.
  • Versatility – each cover is designed to fit your gym’s specific dimensions.

Gym floor covers don’t always have to be used to improve safety. They can also be used to switch quickly between multiple events being held in one area. For instance, if a basketball tournament were to take place in the same space as a music performance later on in the day, the event hosts may want to switch between the two environments quickly with minimal shifts in staff members from the same crew. Organizations can quickly coordinate different events within the same space by placing easy-to-deploy gym floor covers.

At ZFloor Sports Flooring, we have innovative guide rails that quickly attach around the perimeter of any floorspace available outdoors. These allow for easy deployment of the vinyl floor covers, ensuring they are extended over large areas with no fuss. Workers can use rollers to quickly install and remove the foam or vinyl gym flooring pieces.

Gym floor covers are essential for safe athletic playing fields and facilities. With ZFloor Sports Flooring’s help and expertise in the region, you can ensure that your indoor or outdoor fields can access quality protection whenever needed.

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