Connor Sports Synthetic Flooring | The Durable Benefits

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Connor ElastiPlus Track

At ZFloor Wood Flooring, some facilities require alternative flooring solutions for areas with high foot traffic or outdoor courts. In such cases, we recommend Synthetic Flooring, one of the most dependable and durable surfaces. Connor Sports Synthetic Flooring is a complete line of innovative sports surfaces designed for indoor and outdoor court applications. Connor Sports Synthetic Flooring Features Synthetic Flooring … Read More

Utilizing Gym Floor Covers for Safer Athletic Surfaces

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Gym Floor Covers

Gym floors can be used for various athletics and events, including basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and musical performances. Unfortunately, these surfaces can sometimes be dangerous for athletes due to slips, trips, and falls that may occur. To ensure the safety of sports players and general public users of gyms, the use of gym floor covers provides secure and reliable protection. Reliable … Read More

Add a Gym Floor Logo: An Easy Way to Create an Impression

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Texas Lonestar Basketball Logo

Gym Floor Logos Regarding gym flooring, few design options can genuinely set your facility apart. Adding a logo to your gym floor is one of those unique touches that will immediately help create the right impression! It can show that you are a professional outfit with an eye for detail who takes pride in giving their competitive athletes and active … Read More

Installation of Wood Basketball Court for Royse City High School

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Royse City High School With second and better maple Water based finish Dark vintage maple stain

We recently completed the installation of a wood floor basketball court for the Royse City Bulldogs. The court was made from high-quality maple wood, with a second and better grade of maple used for the flooring. Our team applied a water-based finish to the maple, giving the court a beautiful dark vintage maple stain. The result is a stunning basketball … Read More