TWU’s Kitty Winter Magee Arena Gets New Floor System

July 25, 2009
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Newest Connor V I P Floor selected by TWU. “Our students will immediately notice how this floor feels and reacts… it is so much kinder on the body… our students can run, jump, and play without experiencing so much wear and tear on the body,” says Director of Athletics.

Home court advantage will take on a new meaning at Texas Woman’s University as they have selected Connor Sport Court International’s V I P Floor System for installation in its Kitty Winter Magee Arena in Pioneer Hall.

Completion of the new top-of-the-line hardwood athletic surface is expected by early August.

“With the help of the University’s administration, the Department of Kinesiology and TWU Athletics, we have been able to renovate Magee Arena for our students,” said Chalese Connors, Texas Woman’s University Director of Athletics. “We wanted to replace the wood floor with the best possible system we could find as well as upgrade the technology infrastructure.”

The new playing surface will include more than 24,000 square feet of Connor’s V I P Floor System. “The V I P is the newest addition to our line of flagship maple hardwood athletic flooring systems,” said Ron Cerny, President and CEO of Connor Sport Court International, headquartered in Salt Lake City.

The V I P Floor system for Texas Woman’s University was designed and produced at Connor’s Amasa, Michigan manufacturing facility. Its surface is built from maple in strict accordance with NCAA® requirements. Connor Sport Court is a member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association and adheres to the stringent quality and environmental guidelines of that organization. Hardwood used in the courts is from a renewable resource, with the U.S. growing six times more hardwood than is harvested each year. Connor also offers wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which identifies products from responsibly-managed forests.

Sales and installation were coordinated by Ron Davidson, Texas Regional Manager of Connor; Randy Randjelovic, Connor Technical Manager; Ron Dudzik, Connor’s Midwest Regional Manager; and Kevin Zablosky of Z Floor Company of Dallas.

“The new floor will last for many years to come and serve our students well,” said Beth Palmer, Facilities Manager for Pioneer Hall.

“The students who use Magee Arena for activity classes, intramurals and athletics will immediately notice how this floor feels and reacts,” said Chalese Connors. “I am excited to complete this renovation and get our student-athletes out on the court for pre-season volleyball. It is kinder on the body so that our students can run, jump and play without experiencing so much wear and tear on the body. Nobody has the V I P Floor in this area.”

The new design will feature the official TWU Athletics logo in the center with NCAA regulation boundary lines for both basketball and volleyball. Official logos for the NCAA and the Lone Star Conference will be painted near the sidelines on each side. The school’s colors of maroon and white with black as an accent will be reflected in the main competition court.

“The installation by Z Floor Company was an exceptionally smooth process and I am very impressed with the meticulous artwork of their artist and painters,” Chalese Connors added. “We feel that Connor Sport Court International has taken not only the science in the floor to a new level, but also the overall graphic presentation.”

Connor Sport Court is the official playing surface of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball championships, the Women’s Volleyball Championship and the Men’s Collegiate Volleyball Championship.

“It has been about a year-and-a-half of hard work on everyone’s part to complete the project,” said Davidson.

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More athletic events are played on Connor Sport Court surfaces than on any other sports flooring in the world. Connor sports floors have established themselves as the standard for professional and collegiate sports since the company was founded in 1872. Sport Court® is a registered trade mark of Connor Sport Court International. Since 1974, it has identified the original and authentic modular sport surface, continuously improved and patented to provide the highest levels of quality, safety and performance. Connor Sport Court is proud to be independently audited and verified as a Zero Waste company with less than 1% of all our waste reaching a landfill.