Z Floor Design and Performance Center is Here to Help!

October 3, 2011
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Lake Dallas, TX – A wood gymnasium floor is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment your church, school or business will make. It is crucial that you choose the best flooring for your needs, one that meets the highest performance, safety and durability standards available. A gym floor is an investment, and you’ll want to take steps to protect your investment, once you have it in place.

Before you choose your flooring, you need to know all your options. You need to work with a company with significant experience in the industry.  Z Floor specializes in the design, construction and repair of athletic flooring surfaces. Whether your choice of floor is wood, vinyl or rubber, we have your solution.

If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area you are close to our Design and Performance center located in Lake Dallas. Take advantage of our convenient location and come visit us. Take a moment to try out all of our athletic gym sport floor systems. We have over fifteen 10’X10’ gym floor pods that you can bounce a ball on and jump up and down on.

Z Floor can also help you with maintenance and repair of your gym floor. For information on proper daily maintenance of your gym floor, go to our Six Steps for Proper Daily Maintenance of Your Gym Floor

Are you ready to talk with someone about your new gym floor right now? Give Z Floor a call at 940-497-4994, or send an email to sales@zfloor.com.