Expert Services for Floor Removal, Repair, and Demolition

January 23, 2023
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Z Floor is a leading commercial floor removal, repair, and demolition company specializing in a wide range of flooring services. We offer a range of services for commercial properties, including concrete grinding, mastic removal, concrete leveling, vinyl tile removal, wood floor demolition, ceramic tile demolition, luxury vinyl tile removal, asbestos removal, and sports court demolition.

Floor Demolition

One of our most popular services is commercial floor demolition. This service involves removing old or damaged floors from commercial properties and preparing the surface for new flooring. Z Floor has the expertise and equipment to remove various flooring types, including concrete, wood, tile, and vinyl.

Concrete Grinding

In addition, Z Floor also offers concrete grinding services. This process involves using specialized equipment to smooth and level concrete surfaces. Concrete grinding is particularly useful for sports courts, where a smooth and level surface is essential for safe play. Z Floor’s concrete grinding services are ideal for resurfacing commercial properties.

Mastic Removal

Another popular service offered by Z Floor is mastic removal. Mastic is a type of adhesive used to install flooring. However, over time it can become brittle and lose its grip, causing floors to become loose or uneven. Z Floor’s mastic removal service involves:

  • Removing the old adhesive.
  • Preparing the surface for new flooring.
  • Ensuring a smooth and level surface.

Vinyl Tile Removal

Z Floor also offers specialized services for removing specific types of flooring, such as vinyl tile removal, wood floor demolition, ceramic tile demolition, luxury vinyl tile removal, and asbestos removal. Each of these services involves using specialized equipment and techniques to safely remove the flooring without causing damage to the underlying surface.

Sports Court Demolition

In addition to removal and repair services, Z Floor also offers sports court demolition services. These services include the removal of old sports surfaces, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and running tracks, and preparing the surface for a new sports surface.

All services performed by Z Floor are done by highly trained and experienced professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the job is safe and effective. Whether you need commercial floor demolition, concrete grinding, mastic removal, or any of their other specialized services, Z Floor is the company to call. With our expertise and experience, we can provide a range of commercial floor surface removal services, commercial floor demolition and concrete grinding contractors, concrete surface profiling, mastic, adhesive, tar, and glue removal service, concrete floor leveling experts, vinyl composite tile (VCT) floor demolition specialists, wood floor demolition service, ceramic floor demolition experts, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) removal professionals, asbestos surface demolition experts, sports surface removal service and sports court floor grinding company.

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